Enzo Nasso

Taurianova 1923 - Roma 2003.

He lived in Rome, where he has worked as a journalist and has been active on a cultural level in cinema and television, as well as in the figurative arts, for over fifty years.

As Arts Editor of a number of major Italian daily newspapers, he also contributed on a theoretical level to the avant-garde artistic movements in Italy after the war.

In 1961 he founded the Laboratorio di ricerche cinematografiche (Film Research Laboratory), which has assisted the development of underground directors and actors in Italy significantly.

Various critical notes have been written on Enzo Nasso the poet, writer, artist and cinematographer (including the volume La personalità del gioco, edited by Annalisa Saccà, Fordham University Press and Lincoln Center, New York).

He has published several volumes of poetry:

Paura dello Spazio, 1942;
Poesie, 1952;
Un nome giallo, 1957;
Dissidio, 1972;
Poesie (Spirali 1999);
The "meta-novel" Il nome della mimosa (1987);
The novel Buonasera, Buonasera (Spirali 1999)
The anthology of socio-political essays entitled Ta-pù (1992).

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